• Who can participate?
    The payroll employees of the companies can participate in the competition. Applications are made only through the corporate companies, individual applications are not evaluated.
  • What is the dealine for application?
    Applications continue until February 1, 2020. Participation is limited with the first 30 companies that complete the procedures.
  • How can we apply?
    For application, you must first email basvuru@ofistensahneye.com and request an application form.
  • Application Process
    When your completed application form is received by us, your preliminary application is made. After the invitations to participate in the event as a company, your final registration takes place. According to the competition specifications, the organizing committee has the right not to accept the application if both the applicant company and the orchestra do not agree with the general conditions.
  • Is there a participation fee?
    In the competition where there is no application fee, each company (within the company) is required to receive 250 invitations. (Invitation to reception is limited to max. 250 invitations.) There is no individual ticket sale.
  • How do I support my company with personal passwords written on the invitation card?
    With personalized passwords on the invitation card, the company employees give support their colleagues by voting them on the contest web page. Passwords remain valid between certain hours on the day of the competition.
  • What is the audience score ??
    With personal passwords on the invitation card, the company employees give support by voting on the web page that how the audience rating would affect the scores of the professional jury (detail is explained on the web page under the title of competition). Passwords remain valid between certain hours on the day of the competition.
  • What type of music can we play?
    Turkish or foreign pop / rock / ethnic (Groups can not use any electronic infrastructure other than instruments on the stage.)
  • What is the minimum band size?
    The group may consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 persons. Finalists compete in the finals with the first stage.
  • Should all of our group be employees of the company we are affiliated with?
    Since it is a corporate music contest , all group members must be the payroll employees of the same company.
  • Do we make a contract ?
    Contracts will not be made this year to facilitate the companies that can not participate in the competition, especially because the law firm procedures of global companies are prolonged and they are engaged in this process. The information in the application form submitted by the company authorities shall be considered as official information. The company is committed that all group members are payroll employees .
  • Do you supply instruments ?
    Each group should bring their own instrument. At the stage there will be a standard drum that all groups can use. Sound system and technical rider will be provided by us.
  • Will we be able to rehearse on stage?
    At the day of the competition, all performing company bands will be able to make rehearsal / sound-check on the stage.
  • Is it required to sing the same songs in the preliminary and final?
    You can either play the same or different songs in the preliminary and final. There is no compelling situation.
  • How long should be the performance on the stage?
    All performances are limited to 3 (three) ”solo” tracks and maximum 15 minutes. The remaining groups have 2 (two) ve solo ”tracks and a maximum duration of 15 minutes. It is important not to exceed this time and track limit. The bands who want to make Medley/Potpourri, the duration of the pieces should not exceed max 3-4 minutes which is 1 piece length.
  • Is it possible to change names of the band staff that are written on the application form?
    The names of the written orchestral staff in the application form may be changed before the date of the competition. No changes in the final.
  • What will be the first prize ??
    The winners will be hosted in a country abroad like every year.

Corporate Music Contest

Hemen Başvur